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Give your puppy the best start at Devoted Vets!

  • Socialise your puppy to other people and other dogs in a safe and comfortable environment
  • Learn about health issues for your puppy
  • Train your puppy to sit, drop, stay, come and some tricks!
  • Helps your puppy enjoy visits to our veterinary clinic
  • Learn about positive reinforcement
  • Have lots of fun and meet other owners of puppies!

Our Puppy preschool is a series of four 1 hour information packed, fun filled lessons for puppies and their families. Classes run on Thursday nights from 7 to 8pm at Devoted Vets, 12 Normanby St., Warragul. Children are most welcome!

Our trainers are Jo Fontana and Grace Answerth. Jo is an Alpha Accredited Trainer and runs her own dog obedience classes - "Leader of the Pack" - in addition to running our Puppy Preschool classes. Grace is one of our devoted nurses at Devoted Vets.

Puppy preschool best suits puppies aged 8 to 16 weeks. Puppies are required to wear a flat collar and be on a leash. 1st vaccination is essential to join the class. Booking and enquiries can be taken at our reception or call us on 5623 2525.