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Cat and Kitten Health Updates, Advice and Tips from Devoted Vets

Modern living means more stress for cats
Cats naturally need:

  • Space - they are not adapted to live in confined spaces, and are generally solitary animals
  • To be in control of their resources such as food, rest, toilet, source of water, entry and exit routes.
  • The ability to avoid potentially stressful situations.
  • Privacy.

Cats in modern domestic life:

  • are often compelled to live in houses or flats,
  • often have restricted access to the outside,
  • have little control over their own resources,
  • and are forced to share their living space (with owner's family, other cats or dogs etc.)

Obvious displays of distress are:

  • vertical scratching,
  • urine marking, and
  • aggression to cats and other pets.

Subtle signs of distress can include:

  • Food intake disorders,
  • over grooming or lack of grooming,
  • House soiling,
  • decreased level of activity,
  • and appearing withdrawn.

Acute and chronic stress can have an impact on your cat's health, contributing to or making problems such as cystitis (inflammation of the bladder), skin conditions, obesity of lack of appetite much worse.

So modern life does not equal happy cats!

Cats naturally use facial pheromones (special chemicals) to mark their environment as familiar and comforting by rubbing objects with their cheeks - for example, chair legs, furniture and their owners! Feliway mimics feline facial pheromones, creating a state of well-being and comfort. Feliway is proven to help reduce or prevent stress in cats, helping them adapt to modern living. It is convenient, easy to use, and avoids the stress of giving tablets.

Feliway can be used in many different situations, for example: in multi-cat households, during building or decoration, rearrangement of furniture, new arrivals (babies or new pets), visitors, moving home, kitten socialisaiton, after cattery visits, following the loss of a feline or human companion, returning home after hospitalisaiton, during fireworks or thunderstorms, and during transport.

Feliway is sold as a diffuser , placed in a room most used by the cat, or in an area where the inappropriate behaviour is occurring. The diffuser lasts about 4 weeks and covers about 50-70 sq m.

It is also delivered as a pump spray for use in the situations outlined above.

So phone Devoted Vets, Warragul and West Gippsland, on 5623 2525 to ask about Feliway, or drop in and ask one of our Devoted Nurses. Say "Hi" to Clara while your here!