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Childrens Pets Updates, Advice and Tips from Devoted Vets

Prevent myxomatosis!

Myxomatosis is a viral disease of rabbits. It was introduced successfully into Australia to control rabbit plagues in rural areas. However pet rabbits are equally susceptible to myxo.

Myxomatosis causes an eye discharge, and swollen eyelids, nose, ears and genital areas. It also causes a fever, lack of appetite, weight loss, illness and depression.

There is no vaccine or treatment for myxomatosis. It is almost always fatal.

Myxomatosis is spread from one rabbit to another by mosquitos - and this gives us a clue to preventing this terrible disease. Fly screen material must be used to line rabbit hutches or pens, not chicken wire - as mossies can fly straight through chicken wire.

So to prevent myxomatosis, use fly wire to secure your bunnies' hutch!

So phone 5623 2525 or call in to Devoted Vets, at Warragul and West Gippsland for further advice and care for your bunny, and say "Hi" to Clara!