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Childrens Pets Updates, Advice and Tips from Devoted Vets

Prevent calicivirus!

Calicivirus is a viral disease of rabbits. It was introduced into Australia to control rabbits in rural areas. However pet rabbits are equally susceptible to calicivirus.

Calicivirus causes internal bleeding, fever, lack of appetite, illness, depression and death!  It is almost always fatal.

The good news is that there is a vaccine for prevention of calicivirus.

Vaccination is given by injection under the skin and must be given by a veterinary surgeon as accidental human injection is dangerous.

Our strong advice is to vaccinate pet baby bunnies twice - at 8 and 12 weeks - and then annually.

If you own an adult rabbit who has not been vaccinated, we strongly advise 2 initial vaccinations one month apart, then once annually.

At each vaccination we give your bunny a full health check to make sure he or she is fit and well, and ready for vaccination.

So phone 5623 2525 or call in to Devoted Vets, at Warragul Vet Clinic, West Gippsland for vaccination, advice and care for your bunny, and say "Hi" to Clara!