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Childrens Pets Updates, Advice and Tips from Devoted Vets

Make sure you feed your Bunny the right balance of food!

The type and quantity of food that you feed your bunny is very important. Getting feeding wrong can lead to major dietary upsets, dental disease and even death, so diet is critically important for this lovely pets.

* Feed 80-90% of the diet as oaten or grass hay.

* Fedd 10-20% of the diet as vegetables.

* Treats can be fed as less than 5% of the diet.

Hay: a 2 kg rabbit should eat about a cat litter tray sized amount of hay daily. Fresh hay should be available all the time, and should be the main part of a rabbit's diet. Hay is high in fibre which helps maintain a healthy digestive system, and helps provide dental exercise preventing dental problems.

Vegetables: The average amount of vegetables for a 2 kg rabbit is equal to a loosely packed 3 kg container per day. Greens are often a personal choice for rabbits, so find out what your bunny likes. You can try: fresh grass, bok choy, carrot tops (the green bit), celery, coriander, dandelion, chicory leaves, milk thistle, mint, other herbs, parsley, broccoli, cabbage leaves, cauliflower leaves and cucumber.

Treats: Remember, less than 5% of the diet! Apples, bananas, capsicum, dried cranberries, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, and watermelon. A limit of 1-2 tablespoons of good quality high fibre pellet is enough to supplement a well balanced diet.

Published with kind permission from Melbourne Rabbit Clinic.

So phone Devoted Vets, Warragul and West Gippsland, on 5623 2525 for an appointment and health check for your rabbit. Drop in and say "Hi" to Clara!