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Dairy Cattle Health Updates, Advice and Tips from Devoted Vets

Pain relief and antiinflammatory injections for dairy cattle:

In cases of mastitis, calving injury, lameness and other causes of pain, pain relief and a reduction in inflammation (swelling, redness, heat, loss of function) can make life easier and less stressful for cows, and also be of great advantage to dairy farmers. In lameness, less pain results in greater mobility, more time spent grazing or interacting, reduced weight loss, and a reduction in milk production losses. In the case of mastitis, as you can imagine, a reduction in pain assists in better milk letdown, and a reduction in inflammation - especially swelling. Reduced swelling results in better removal of infected milk, and better access for antibiotic treatments given into the udder or into the muscle.

Pain relief for painful conditions is a critical part of improving the well-being of dairy cattle.

An example of pain relieving, antiinflammatory drugs is meloxicam, available as a premium medication backed by research - Metacam - and as a cheaper generic medication - Meloxicam20.

The dose in both preparations is 2.5ml/100kgs meloxicam injected under the skin in front of the shoulder. The meat withhold is 8 days. The drug does not have an ESI established for cattle, so users are advised to contact the manufacturer in 02 9677 9000 regarding the ESI.

Contact Devoted Vets on 03 5623 2525 for more information regarding the use and price of these treatments. Devoted Vets at Warragu Vet Clinic for dairy farmers in West Gippsland.