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Devoted vets for your dairy cattle

Phone 56232525 now for emergencies or farm appointments

We asked our farming clients what they wanted in a vet clinic, and this is what they said: Firstly, they wanted competitively priced stock medicines. Secondly they wanted knowledgable vets. Thirdly, they wanted a fast response in the case of emergencies. That's what we deliver!

  • Long experience in dairy cattle...
  • 24 hour emergency service...
  • Quick response to urgent calls!
  • Competitively priced farm services, stock medicines and travel!
  • Someone who handles dairy cattle with confidence and care...
  • Vets who are friendly and approachable...
  • Vets who are on time, or will try to phone you with an amended time if they are held up!
  • A team who phones through Lab results as they come to hand...
  • Vets who are happy and willing to discuss your issues and concerns...
  • Vets and nurses who are not only passionate about the health of your dairy cattle, but devoted to their well-being as well...
  • Vets and nurses who are thorough in their care...

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 This extraordinary team can be found at Devoted Vets, 12 Normanby St, Warragul. Devoted Vets is a modern Vet Clinic centrally located in Warragul and servicing the Drouin, Bunyip, Neerim South, Yarragon, Trafalgar and West Gippsland areas. For consultations, surgery, friendly advice, animal health care products and a 24 hour emergency service, just phone Devoted Vets on 03 5623 2525.

  • Member, Australian Cattle Veterinarians
  • Registered Countdown Downunder Veterinarian
  • Registered InCalf veterinarians
  • JDMAP and JDCAP accredited veterinarians
  •  Bimontly column in the Australian Dairy Farmer, and heard weekly on 531 3GG.