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Dog and Puppy Health Updates, Advice and Tips from Devoted Vets

Free! Dental checks for your dog with our Devoted Nurses

Dental health is so important for your much loved dogs.

Unchecked, plaque can build up on the surface of dog's teeth, just like it can in humans. Plaque is a cement-like substance made up of salivary salts, bacteria and food particles. Decaying food can pack in between the plaque and the gums, causing poisoning of the gum and inflammation or "gingivitis". Continued plaque build up causes more gingivitis, and ultimately loss of gum tissue, which begins to expose more and more of the tooth and its roots. Ultimately teeth can be lost.

An additional problem with gingivitis is the possibilty of low grade blood poisoning with damage to sensitive areas such as heart valves and the kidneys, and an increased risk of heart or kidney failure.

To keep your pet's mouth and teeth healthy, you can check your own dog's teeth by "flipping the lip" as shown in the photo. All teeth should be white, clean and shiny - for all of your pet's life!

If you are in doubt, our highly trained Devoted Vet Nurses - Jess, Sophie and Grace - can check your dog's mouth free of charge. If they find evidence of disease, they will arrange a consultation for your dog with one of our Veterinarians.

Treatment for excess plaque and gingivitis involves a general anaesthetic, manual and ultrasonic cleaning and polishing of the teeth, and checking each tooth to make sure it is healthy. Sometimes teeth may need to be extracted because they are broken or too much root is exposed.

To make anaesthetics as safe as possible, we recommend a pre-anaesthetic blood test and intravenous fluids for all pets, especially older ones. The advantages of these additional steps can be discussed with our team.

So phone Devoted Vets, Warragul, West Gippsland, on 5623 2525 or drop in to find out more about keeping your dogs teeth white, shiny and healthy! And say "Hi" to Clara!