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Farm Animal Health Updates, Advice and Tips from Devoted Vets

New! Warning! High levels of worms in sheep and goats!

Following the two wet summers and the recent high levels of moisture we are seeing high numbers of severe worm infestations in sheep and goats.

The signs of worms include a loose to pasty green diarrhoea, pale gums and conjunctiva (anaemia), weight loss, lack of appetite, depression and oedema (or water logging) of the space under the jaw (bottle jaw) and of the eyelids. Death in young animals is common.

Unfortunately we are continuing to see outbreaks in flocks and herds that have been treated with the older style drenches such as Panacur - and owners are under the mistaken belief that their animals are satisfactorily treated!

If you are in doubt about the presence of worms, we can perform a "faecal float" at our clinic, or send a sample of manure to the Laboratory for a worm egg count (advisable in larger flocks and herd.)

Phone Devoted Vets at Warragul Vet Clinic, West Gippsland on 56232525 regarding the selection of modern worm treatments and grazing adivice to reduce this risk.