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Grooming - get that special look for your pet!

Phone Devoted Vets now on 56232525 for grooming appointments for your dog or cat

Groomers Jess Furnance and Jessica Steele are both experienced groomers working within the Devoted Vets practice - so you get the best of both worlds, experience and the quality care of veterinary backup.

We always ask you on admission exactly what you wish with respect to your pet's appearance after grooming.

Pets are handled with gentle care and professional attention, so you can relax while they stay with us. Our groomers will bring to your attention anything that they notice that may require veterinary attention, and we always ask your permission prior to any veterinary care.

If you have any veterinary needs on the day of grooming, be sure to ask our nursing team when your pet is admitted to our facility.

Please note we require all pets to be currently vaccinated prior to grooming.