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Horses, Ponies and Foals Health Updates, Advice and Tips from Devoted Vets

About strangles:

Strangles is a highly contagious upper respiratory tract disease of horses and donkeys caused by a bacteria named Streptococcus equi.

18 cases in Victoria were notified to the Dept of Primary Industry in 2011 alone!

Symptoms include fever, a lack of appetite, swollen lymph nodes, abscesses, a nasal discharge, and coughing. Strangles is a notifiable disease because it can resemble exotic diseases such as Equine Influenza.

For further information about strangles you can visit the DPI website.

Strangles is readily preventable by vaccination. Ring Devoted Vets at Warragul Vet Clinic, West Gippsland on 5623 2525 to ask about a preventive program for your horses. Prevention is way better than cure! Posted 3/5/12