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Download our Spring 2015 Newsletter featuring the benefits of exercising ponies and foaling tips.
Download our Winter 2015 Newsletter featuring Breakthrough treatment for laminitis.
Download our Autumn 2013 Newsletter featuring Laminitis.
Download our Summer 2012 Newsletter featuring Hendra Virus Vaccination.


Download our Spring 2016 Newsletter featuring the dangers of feeding dogs bones, and a new treatment for kidney disease in cats.
Download our Summer 2015 Newsletter featuring Free kitten and puppy checks and the Dangers of using dog flea products in cats.
Download our Spring 2015 Newsletter featuring our Facebook page, your cat's vaccinations and your dogs ears.
Download our Autumn 2015 Newsletter featuring tips on grooming your pets.
Download our Summer 2014 Newsletter featuring safety for your pets over the summer and holiday period.
Download our Winter 2014 Newsletter featuring dental heath for your pets.
Download our Autumn 2014 Newsletter featuring heartworm information, take a virtual tour of a Vet School.
Download our Spring 2013 Newsletter featuring Vaccinations, Revisits and the new Hill’s VetEssentials premium pet food.
Download our Autumn 2013 Newsletter featuring intravenous fluid therapy and health checks for senior pets.

Cattle - Beef

Download our Winter 2014 Newsletter featuring body temperatures.
Download our Autumn 2013 Newsletter featuring Theileriosis - a new disease to West Gippsland.

Cattle - Dairy

Download our Autumn 2017 Newsletter
Download our Spring 2015 Newsletter featuring the benefits of fortified milk and Strep mastitis 
Download our Winter 2015 Newsletter  featuring Mycoplasma alert and Staph mastitis info
Download our Winter 2014 Newsletter  featuring nitrate poisoning
Download our Spring 2013 Newsletter 
Download our Autumn 2013 Newsletter featuring Theileriosis - a new disease to West Gippsland.