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Imagine a vet devoted to your small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice and birds!

Phone 56232525 now for emergencies or appointments for your small pets

  • Vets and nurses who enjoy caring for small pets...
  • Someone who is caring and understanding, friendly and welcoming...
  • Patient and gentle when handling your small pets...
  • Someone who has the ability to listen to your concerns, and is empathetic to your feelings...
  • Vets and nurses who are not only passionate about the health of your small pets, and thorough in their care, but Devoted to their well-being as well...
  • Vets and nurses who know just what a place a small pet can hold in our hearts, and the role they play in families' lives.

Check out the news and tips on this website for small pet owners!

This extraordinary team can be found at Devoted Vets, 12 Normanby St, Warragul. Devoted Vets is a modern Vet Clinic centrally located in Warragul and servicing the Drouin, Bunyip, Neerim South, Yarragon, Trafalgar and West Gippsland areas. For consultations, surgery, friendly advice, animal health care products and a 24 hour emergency service, just phone Devoted Vets on 03 5623 2525.

Member, Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association.